September 27, 2023
Image of four workers at Scotty's restaurant in Galway

American Style Dining in Galway

Scotty’s is a Galway institution.  Few have come through this city without experiencing the taste and flavour of this American-style diner.  For some, Scotty’s Burger and Wings Restaurant brings with it the nostalgia for college days. For others, it is the place for casual dining with family and friends. Established in 1991, Scotty’s has changed over the years. However, it retains its place as a well-known and respected eatery, firmly ingrained on the Galway food landscape. As a result, this sterling reputation has stood the test of time. Moreover, their longevity here in Galway is testament to the warmth and familiarity extended to the people of the city by this family owned and run diner.  

Image of burger and chips at Scotty's in Galway

At the Heart of the Community

Specialising in delicious burgers and barbecue wings, Scotty’s are committed to the community.  In this regard, they source local produce where possible.  Furthermore, in line with this philosophy, all beef is 100% Irish. With daily specials to tantalise the tastebuds, hearty mains, and delectable desserts, this is the perfect venue when your appetite for American cuisine with a Galway twist comes calling

Fun, Friendly and a Feast of Food

The ambiance is one of fun and relaxation.  Thanks to this, Scotty’s has built a dedicated following of customers who return time and time again.  

And yet, they are serious about their food, service, and love of Galway.  Conveniently located at Cúirt Na Coiribe on the Headford Road, this is one Galway favourite that is worth a visit. 

However, if you fancy a taste of Scotty’s at home, you can order easily using

Image of an icecream sundae at Scotty's in Galway

What’s For

Your locally owned and operated delivery company, What’s For has teamed up with Scotty’s to bring you the best of American style cuisine right to your door. 

You can view the entire Scotty’s menu by logging on to here: Order from Scotty’s Here


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