December 8, 2023

The Breakfast Guys are dishing up Galway’s first full menu hot breakfast delivery service.  Since inception, they’ve been run off their feet, thanks to the growing demand for the chef to your door service.  From the traditional breakfast roll to the classic full Irish, there is so much to choose from.  Not only that, but many opt for breakfast burgers or even a breakfast pizza.  And it’s available seven days a week, delivered right to you.

Every item is cooked fresh to order, using locally produced ingredients from small artisan suppliers, where possible. It is this commitment to quality that ensures The Breakfast Guys are gaining a strong reputation for taste and reliability. And they’ve compiled the ultimate hot breakfast package – the ‘Mother of All Breakfast Boxes’.  With 16 sausages, 16 rashers, 8 fried eggs, 8 black puddings, beans, mushrooms and 8 rounds of toast, it really is the hunger buster to beat.

What’s more, The Breakfast Guys believe they have created the world’s first ‘hangover milkshake’.  Speaking exclusively to Scene in Galway, founder John Shields enthuses “We have created a coffee-based hangover milkshake, adding a closely guarded, secret ingredient to the mix. We hope this unique recipe will aid many a cure, alongside one of our appetising breakfast offerings.”  In keeping with the morning after theme, they also offer Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks “to kickstart your delayed day.”

Delivery is available through all good delivery apps including whats for from 12 noon until 9pm/10pm at weekends.

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