December 1, 2023

Galway will be alive with music this Saturday, May 6th with several live performances on offer. One of the most celebrated traditional Irish bands of our time, Lúnasa, will take to the stage at Monroe’s Live. With decades of experience and a global following, Lúnasa has reshaped the boundaries of the genre. Other performances include Tobi Kaye at The Skeff Late Bar, Big Digger at The Quays Music Hall, and Sauce Mechanics at The Cellar. Additionally, Rod Davis, a member of the Quarrymen who played with the Beatles, will perform at Róisín Dubh. Finally, Friends fans can test their knowledge at the second annual Friends table quiz at Róisín Dubh, featuring questions drawn from all ten seasons of the iconic sitcom.

Monroe’s Live

World Renowned Traditional Irish Band Lúnasa to Perform At Monroe’s Live

One of the most influential and celebrated traditional Irish bands of our time, Lúnasa, will perform at Monroe’s Live on Saturday, May 6th at 8pm. The rousing rhythm and raucous energy of these legends of Irish music will raise the roof of the Dominick Street venue, as this talented group bring together their decades of experience that led them to gain a global following from Glastonbury to Carnegie Hall.

Now at the forefront of contemporary Irish music, Lúnasa have reshaped the boundaries of the genre. Their ability to evoke emotion through their sheer mastery of their instruments and fusion as a band is unparalleled.

Warmly described as ‘Celtic royalty’ and ‘the hottest Irish acoustic band on the planet’ Lúnasa will take to the stage at Monroe’s Live on Saturday, May 6th. Tickets to this night of world class traditional music cost €25 and are available from this link here:  Lunasa Tickets at Monroe’s Live

The Skeff Late Bar

Tobi Kaye Followed by DJ Ferg

The Galway based singer and composer brings a fresh twist to the pop genre thanks to his strong gospel, blues, and rock influences.  His original works unleash a dark romanticised social commentary on life, love and war. Baring his heart on his sleeve and his soul through his lyrics, Tobi Kaye is a rare talent who is on the rise. Not to be missed at the Skeff this Saturday night.

The Quays Music Hall

11pm: Big Digger   

They’re loud, they’re raucous and they are returning once again to the Quays Music Hall to raise the roof off the venue this Saturday night.  Big Digger are renowned for their electric live shows, rocking the night away with the best anthems solidified with their strong guitar driven power and dynamic performance style. This four piece are a staple on the Irish music scene and one of the venues ‘go to’ rock and covers band. Guaranteed to have you on your feet all night long this Saturday night in the heart of the Latin Quarter. It’s late night revelry with Big Digger at the Quays Music Hall. 

The Cellar

Live Music with Sauce Mechanics

Fast, lively and full of spice, the Sauce Mechanics are a five piece band that combine the best of Irish folk, trad, and rock with your favourite pop classics. Here, traditional meets contemporary as this events band redefine covers with a dynamic and vibrant twist. As the call of the fiddle meets the furious beat of the drum and guitars, the Sauce Mechanics will take you on a melodic trajectory, igniting the flam of trad with the rhythm of rock.  Not to be missed at the Cellar this evening.

Róisín Dubh

2pm: An Afternoon with Rod Davis

Quarryman Rod Davis played with the Beatles before they were big! If you are a Beatles’ fan, you can’t miss coming to see Rod to find out how it all started – from a man who was actually there. An Afternoon with Rod Davis is a solo show in which he explains the roots of skiffle music and tells the story of how it influenced the young Quarrymen growing up in Liverpool, using digital slides and playing and singing many of the songs which featured in the group’s mid-fifties repertoire.

Born in Liverpool in 1941, Rod Davis first met John Lennon at Sunday School when he was 5 years old, then when they were 11 both boys found themselves at Quarry Bank School. In 1956, soon after John started his skiffle group, the Quarrymen, Rod joined to play banjo.

He was with the group when they first played at The Cavern and was on stage with John when he first met Paul McCartney at the now legendary St Peter’s Fete in the village of Woolton on 6 July 1957.

Shortly afterwards, he drifted out of the Quarrymen and he was replaced by Paul. The Quarrymen got back together in 1997 and since then they have travelled most of the world.

Róisín Dubh Tonight:

7pm: The One With the Friends Quiz

Looking for some fun trivia to test your Friends knowledge? Join WOMP Events at the Róisín Dubh on May 6 for their second Friends table quiz this weekend! The quiz will feature questions from all ten seasons of the iconic sitcom, including picture and audio rounds, with prizes awarded to the top three teams as well as for Best Dressed, Best Team Name and the winner of an activity round. Answer sheets will be provided, and tables for four people can be purchased for €40, with a limited number of tables for two available for €20. Registration and a pre-quiz photo round will begin at 7pm, with the quiz itself starting at 8pm. Get ready to put your Friends knowledge to the test!

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