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Delicious Kebabs To Your Doorstep With What’s For Dinner

Galway is a culinary treasure trove, boasting a rich array of cooking styles and global cuisines. The city’s vibrant day and night scene finds a special affinity for the renowned kebab. In this eclectic city of the tribes, the Mediterranean-inspired kebab has firmly established its presence.

Yet, have you ever wondered about the origins of this beloved dish? Traditionally, the döner kebab is closely tied to 19th century Turkey, gaining wider popularity in the 20th century. However, a fascinating debate revolves around its true inventor. Some attribute the creation of this delectable treat to a Turkish worker living in Berlin – Kadir Nurman, who sold his first döner kebab in West Berlin back in 1972.

Situated across from Bahnhof Zoo, the 32-year-old Nurman identified a niche market and introduced the döner kebab to busy workers seeking a quick lunch fix. Instead of the traditional meat skewers with rice and vegetables relished by Turkish nobility, Nurman wrapped his ingredients in durum bread, making it a more convenient handheld delight.

Since then, more enterprising Turkish chefs residing in Germany have vied for the accolade. Firstly, Nevzat Salim claims to have developed the scrumptious modern-day version in 1969 in Reutlingen. Secondly, Berlin-based Mehmet Aygün also asserts that he crafted the first döner kebab in 1971.

Variety and Taste:

Undeniably, there are all sorts of variations on the kebab.  From different types of meat and marinades, every establishment brings their own twist to the traditional Turkish meal. Additionally, they often come with an array of delicious crunchy salads, sauces, and sides. While regularly served sandwich style, there can be differences too regarding the types of bread used. For example, pita bread is the staple in many eateries. Others opt for flatbreads. Above all, the best known is perhaps the döner kebab.

The good news is, you don’t need to embark on an epic journey to savor a mouthwatering kebab right here in Galway.

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