December 1, 2023

A Family Legacy:

A boutique style jewellery store, located at 8 Shop Street, McCarthy’s Jewellery is testament to the enduring charm of a family-run business.

Founded 29 years ago by Peter McCarthy, it has grown into a cherished Galway establishment and is now run by as Peter’s three daughters: Dee, Kate, and Sarah.

With a passion for sourcing unique pieces, they are renowned for selecting elegant and sophisticated collections with a modern aesthetic. From its inception, McCarthy’s Jewellery has been synonymous with quality and affordability.

Contemporary Artisan Pieces:

Together, the three sisters shine a spotlight on contemporary jewellery crafted by outstanding Irish and European designers, always seeking to deliver a varied and distinctive offering for that special gift and occasion.

Each piece is meticulously handpicked, ensuring the collection continually boasts exciting and captivating designs thanks to the McCarthy family’s unwavering passion for fine jewellery.

Their dedication to supporting local and European talent shines through in every piece they offer.

For a touch of timeless appeal, look no further than McCarthy’s Jewellery, where every piece tells a story. For more see McCarthys Jewellery

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