December 1, 2023

A Local in Every Sense:

Freeney’s Bar in the heart of Galway’s Latin Quarter is the place where friends reunite.  For decades, Freeney’s has been a meeting point, greeting everyone who has crossed the threshold since 1938. This family-owned traditional Irish pub is located at 19 High Street in the midst of Galway’s bustling streets. Above all, it is the place for conversation and craic. As a result, Freeney’s is a local in every sense of the word.

Warmth and Character:

As an integral part of the Galway city streetscape, Freeney’s is a time-honoured establishment. For this reason, this pub has gained a strong reputation for its warmth, character, and knowledge – not only of their extensive drink collections – but also a place to revisit tales from the locality and times past. The pub has retained its old-world charm and is one of the cities original whiskey bars.

The Freeney’s Bar Welcome:

Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of Galway. Essentially, Freeney’s will envelop you thanks to the calming atmosphere of this historic venue.  Behind the green awning and through the narrow hallway lies a myriad of glass display cases. And you will find a bar counter especially designed for the quiet pint. Escape the crowds and find a spot to have that creamy Guinness or refreshing cider.

Outdoor People Watching:

As summer descends, the outdoor seating area is a hotspot for people-watching. Ultimately, this is the place to catch the vibrancy of Galway city life from comfortable surrounds. Consequently, you can finally relax in this Galway city favourite. In essence, this is why Freeney’s Bar has such a strong following.

Image of the inside of Freeneys bar in Galway city centre

A Galway Stalwart:

Freeney’s Bar offers an array of beverages, from draft beer on tap, to top of the range spirits or just that soothing cup of tea.  This venue has earned its pride of place in the locality serving the people of Galway city for over eighty years. With such longevity comes a wealth of experience, as Freeney’s has withstood the changing times, to retain its popularity as an integral part of Galway’s social scene.

Freeney’s Fishing Tackle:

Opened by Martin and Julia Freeney in 1938, it began trading as a grocery, firearms business, and bar. By the 1960s, Freeney’s diversified to sell fishing tackle and sports goods – and this part of the enterprise remains to this day.  

Where else can you pop in for a pint or nip next door for hunting equipment, darts, zippo lighters, fly-tying equipment, and accessories. With Tony at the helm, you can find out everything you need to know from their extensive range of rare Irish whiskeys to the fishing tackle trade.

Discover why by visiting Freeney’s Bar at 19 High Street, Galway and online at

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