September 26, 2023

A First for Galway’s Fashion Scene:

Whether you’re an avid sneaker collector, streetwear enthusiast, or simply curious about the culture, West Way Sneakers invites you to dive into the exciting world of sneakers and streetwear. Their passion, dedication, and commitment to the community make them a standout destination in Galway’s bustling fashion scene.

Centrally located on Shop Street, above The Body Shop, West Way Sneakers is a haven for streetwear aficionados. Established in 2020 as an online store ‘Kuzykickz,’ on Instagram, this unique marketplace underwent an exciting transformation in 2022 when it merged with the local sneaker reseller, ‘Galwaykicks,’ to create the comprehensive and thriving West Way Sneakers.

“West Way Sneakers is Galway’s first ever sneaker and streetwear consignment store,” says co-founder Eoghan Barrett.

“We seek to provide the highest quality customer service for any and all of our clientele’s sneakers and streetwear needs. We have seen the connections we have made worldwide through our passion for sneakers and hope to provide these connections to Ireland’s sneakerheads.”

Culture and Community:

The mission behind West Way Sneakers is clear—to foster the growth of the vibrant sneaker and streetwear community in Galway. By providing both an online platform and a conveniently located city centre shop at 36 William Street, West Way Sneakers allows enthusiasts to buy, sell, and consign sneakers and streetwear effortlessly.

One of the unique aspects of West Way Sneakers is its emphasis on community engagement. The store’s founders are dedicated to sharing their passion for sneaker and streetwear culture, which draws inspiration from various sub-cultures such as Hip-Hop, Rap, Basketball, American Urban Culture, and Japanese Streetwear. Their mission is to introduce more people to this dynamic culture, enabling everyone to be a part of the ever-evolving trends.

A Streetwear Sanctuary in the City:

“Our goal as a company is to elevate both Galway and Ireland’s sneaker and streetwear culture. This culture is established worldwide, however, in Ireland that craze hasn’t quite hit yet. That’s where we step in, as we promote the integration of sneakers and streetwear into Ireland’s traditions, ” says Eoghan.

“We are very community focused. We want to create an environment around our clientele allowing them to interact with one another through various mediums.

“Not only do we engage with our customers through various social media platforms and group chats, we encourage them to resell any products they are no longer interested in, providing them with the larger platform of our shop and website to get rid of such stock.”

Buy, Sell, Upcycle:

The store’s services cater to both buyers and sellers. If you have sneakers or streetwear items you wish to part with, West Way offers a consignment service. Simply bring your items to the store or get in touch via Instagram or email ( with clear photos and a description. The team will assess the items and, upon acceptance, sell them on your behalf, with a reasonable consignment fee on the selling price.

For sneaker enthusiasts seeking to add a fresh pair to their collection, West Way Sneakers provides a range of options. If your desired item is unavailable in your size, don’t fret! Reach out to the West Way team, and they will strive to secure your desired pair, ensuring you don’t miss out on your dream kicks.

Along with their cityscape location on Shop Street (as we like to call it) – more factually, up the stairs beside The Body Shop on William Street, they host regular themed pop-ups at different locations as a place for community, culture and expression.  

“We host local night club and pop up events, with many catered towards our 18+ clients. With such events, we provide a theme to allow individuals to express themselves through their clothing and footwear with the integration of the sneaker and streetwear culture,” continues Eoghan.

Buy or Consign at West Way Sneakers, just one of the many on offer online and in-store.
West Way Sneakers co-founder and Galway local KuKu - who is also known by his creative alias 'Kuzy' - pictured with Will. I. Am. of the Black Eyed Peas on their recent Galway tour.

A Shoe Like New: 

Furthermore, the store offers a professional sneaker cleaning service in-store, ensuring your beloved sneakers are maintained in pristine condition. Prices start at a reasonable €20, making it a valuable service for those looking to keep their collection in top shape.

West Way Sneakers caters to various renowned brands, including Off White, Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Bape, and Yeezy, providing a diverse selection for shoppers to explore.  For more information and all of the details of their new and consignment stock, check out their website: West Way Sneakers or visit in person at their Galway city centre store. 

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