September 27, 2023

What the Flock? It’s a Clucking Tale:

The true origin of chicken wings, served fried and smothered in sauce, is shrouded in mystery.  Many have claimed their part in the legacy of this humble cuisine that is integral to our menus today.

Noted USA chef, Fannie Farmer, is credited with publishing the first chicken wing recipe in her celebrated series of cook books in the 1920s. However, others cite Charles (aptly nicknamed Chuck) Wagon for bringing the humble chicken wing to popularity in the US as far back as 1908.

The history of Buffalo chicken wings is more certain.  Served deep fried without breading, the origins of the Buffalo wing has been studied by journalists and scholars.

The most authoritative account is that of New Yorker writer, Calvin Trillin, who traced the root of Buffalo wings back to Teressa Bellissimo, a proprietor of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, in 1964.

A happy accident, it is understood that chicken wings were delivered to the bar, instead of the ordered chicken necks.

To avoid wasting the produce, Teressa cut each wing in half –  into a drumstick and a flat – deep fried the meat and served them with hot sauce, celery and blue cheese salad dressing.

Fanny Farmer

In the Birdhouse:

While the myths remain, the reality is that the popularity of chicken wings exploded during the 1970s. 

They have moved from being an appetiser to the centre of menu offerings, with restaurants dedicated to serving the dish, and an array of delicious sauces arising from the traditional Buffalo recipe. 

Here in Galway, The Birdhouse, located in the eclectic surrounds of Carroll’s Bar outdoor dining area on Dominick Street, is dedicated to chicken wings. Creating sensationally tasty wings and their own range of homemade sauces, they use only locally sourced meat from free-range farms, where chickens have a slow-growing life that allows them space to roam and spread their wings.

Happy customers can tuck into a range of juicy chicken pieces from boneless tenders, to wings and double-cooked curly corn for a delectable meat–free alternative.

To Your Door with What’s For Dinner:

The Birdhouse at Carroll’s Bar on Dominick Street, Galway City has partnered with your locally owned delivery company to bring you the best wings, sauces and more. You can view the array of delectable food by logging on to

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