December 1, 2023

Speaker Mary Sweeney from the charity organisation Self Help Africa received a standing ovation following a talk about women’s rights at home and abroad.  The distinguished aid worker shared stories and tales of her 30 years’ experience working on women and children’s projects in Africa.

The packed event took place on International Women’s Day to shed light on the work of Self Help Africa. Organised by Paul and Mary Grealish and the staff of the King’s Head Bistro, it was an afternoon of excellent cuisine and conversation.  With a choice of starters, mains and desserts from their delicious menu, guests were treated to a variety of local seafood, seasonal vegetables and fresh locally sourced produce.

Hot on the heels of receiving a prestigious nomination for Pub of the Year with Good Food Ireland, it was the perfect setting for the event, kindly donated to Self Help Africa by the Grealish family. With spot prizes bringing laughter to the gathered crowd, it was the ideal way to honour both International Women’s Day and the work of the organisation whose aim it is to make life better for families in some of the poorest regions in our world.

Images by Gary Vaughan Scene in Galway

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