December 1, 2023

A Globetrotting Coffee Career 

The demand for trained baristas is at an all time high.  In this regard, learning from an experienced professional, who is passionate about coffee, is paramount to foster a love for the industry. For David Newman, coffee is his life. His respect for the coffee bean has brought him around the globe. To this end, he has travelled to Ethiopia, Columbia, and Rwanda, uncovering the time, effort and attention to detail that goes into cultivating the world’s best blends.

Known for his work with the renowned brand Java Republic, David has channelled this knowledge and expertise into the Galway Bay Coffee Company. And it’s working. David’s personal touch and zeal for the coffee industry has secured five-star reviews on Google. Ultimately, his Warehouse Café at Oldenway Business Park, Ballybrit is renowned for its service and dedication to coffee

Barista Training in Galway

And he shares his extensive experience with the next generation of coffee professionals through the Galway Bay Coffee Company Barista Training Academy.  Here, he enjoys handing down his knowledge to new professionals in the field.

There are three modules, barista basic, intermediate and professional. To this end, trainees can learn about: 

  • Understanding the coffee bean 
  • Work-space management 
  • Grinding, dosing and tamping 
  • Extraction and brewing
  • Milk techniques 
  • Barista menu 
  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Cleaning and maintenance

BARISTA BASICS is for people new to the coffee industry and focuses on the key skills required to set your grinder, make espresso as well as foam and texture milk. No previous barista experience is required for this course.

INTERMEDIATE provides a deeper understanding of the coffee itself and builds on the practical skills learnt at Barista basics level. Milk techniques, including latte art, are introduced as well as health and safety, customer service and basic business skills. This course is suitable for people already working as baristas

PROFESSIONAL level is suitable for baristas with considerable experience who have also completed the Intermediate qualification. It takes both a scientific and managerial perspective to coffee and making espresso-based drinks.

The Science of Coffee

For David, the true coffee experience lies in the hands of the trained barista. The science of coffee includes not only an understanding of the growth and supply of the bean, but the workings of the machinery, the roaster, and the grinder. 

“It is in the hands of the barista,” he says, “and from start to finish the machinery has to be top notch.  We use world class grinders at the Galway Bay Coffee Company and the championship level Nuova Simonelli machines. 

“It is this attention to detail that brings customers back to us time and time again.  People come from far and wide to our Warehouse Café at the Oldenway Business Park and I strive to make it an experience for everyone who walks in the door.”

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