December 1, 2023

A Family Baking Tradition

The warm and friendly atmosphere of a cosy coffee house is one that Brazco Coffee Academy is renowned for. So much so, this family run business has just opened their fifth coffee shop right in the heart of Galway city centre.  Their new location at 6 Francis Street is the next step for the mother and daughter team, Linda and Maureen Lydon. Together, they champion home baking, with recipes and methods passed down through generations. 

“Our home baking recipes and methods are passed down through generations of inspirational women with an obsession for feeding people tea and scones to everyone we meet!” says Brazco Coffee Academy’s co-founder, Linda Lydon. “My mum Maureen brings over 50 years of hospitality experience with her, with recipes perfected by her nana, and all the nanas before them.”

Freshly Baked Goods in A Friendly Locale

It is this commitment to freshly baked goods and locally sourced artisan products that captures their coffee loving clientele. For 17 years, Brazco Coffee Academy has brought their traditional style of baking and coffee expertise to three locations in Oranmore – on Main Street, ‘Big Brazco’ in Carraig Lair and the Oranmore Community Centre. In March 2022, they opened at Leisureland in Salthill. And now, a new venture on Francis Street. 

“When the space popped up for us on Francis Street, we knew it was exactly what we are looking for,” says Linda. “Ultimately, Francis Street has a lovely small-town feel. It has such a positive neighbourhood vibe. Fortunately, it’s a lovely environment with a great mix of different age group.

“Our birthday is on February 28th next year and we will be 17 years in business,” explains Linda. “Essentially, we started when I was just 22 years old. At the end of the day, I would have been lost without mum, who is a chef. Here we are 17 years later. Not only that, but there are Brazco babies, who came into us for gingerbread men in the beginning, are now returning to us as young adults.” 


A Place To Socialise

Furthermore, their success is thanks to their people first approach.  The Brazco Coffee Academy is more than just your local coffee shop.  It is a place to socialise, to meet with friends, and enjoy delicious treats in a relaxed and laid-back environment. Additionally, this warm welcome goes hand in hand with their shop local ethos. 

We want to be accessible to everyone. In line with this, we are very family focused,” says Linda. “Moreover, we don’t want to rush people. At the end of the day, we want our coffee shops to be inclusive. They are a place for relaxing, socialising, and meeting people.”

Christmas Gift Ideas

Stocking a range of carefully selected products from small producers, this is the place for hand crafted and curated gifts this Christmas. Whether it’s festive themed cookies, sachets of mulled wine, or Maureen’s famous bread mix in a bottle, there is so much on offer at the Brazco Coffee Academy.  

“Mum’s bread mixes in milk bottles make such a lovely Christmas gift and they are very cute,” says Linda. “We also have Christmas themed cookies, mince pies, yule logs, mulled wine sachets and Christmas wreathes. We like to stock locally sourced artisan products. So much so, our Christmas stuffing is made in our own bakery.

A Fireside Feel

At its core, the team are dedicated to coffee, with highly trained baristas who upskill continually throughout their career. And yet, it retains that fireside feel in a neighbourly setting that is inclusive to all.

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