December 1, 2023
Image of Clare Sands at Blackrock Diving Tower Galway

Clare Sands at An Taibhdhearc

Galway is set for a musical treat as Clare Sands is set to play an intimate gig at one of the city’s most theatrical settings – An Taibhdhearc.  On November 26th, Clare’s empowering music will fill the room as she debuts her latest album during her ‘Ní Neart go cur le Chéile’ tour. Having played with the likes of the Hothouse Flowers, Kila, Imelda May and Mary Coughlan, she is set to thrill Galway audiences with a powerful performance. 

Bilingual Beat

It’s all part of a nationwide tour for the bilingual fiddle player and singer. In essence, this tour follows the journey of the album. And she will be accompanied by a “brilliant band” with special guests along the way. “My new album is finally out!” says Clare. “Ultimately, it’s so exciting. It’s been an exhilarating 2-3 year turas (journey) and I can’t wait to see where it brings me next.”


Fearless Folk

For this talented musician, her work is inspired by ancestry, weaving a tapestry of traditional Irish folk music with inspiration from her travels across Ireland and internationally. This sixth-generation fiddle player and singer reimagines the music of the past with her vibrant and powerful call to the brave and the bold.

To this end, Clare’s distinguished compositions are best described as fearless folk. This mirrors her attitude to life. While creating an eclectic and exhilarating body of work, Clare is also a martial arts expert. She holds a black belt and has represented Ireland at competitions. 

Trad and Blues

Not only that, the multi-instrumentalist plays over ten instruments. Steeped in both traditional Irish music and blues from a young age, she honed her craft as composer and bilingual singer by following this path throughout university.  Since then, she has delighted audiences at home and abroad with her rousing live performances.  Here, she delights with her mastery of the fiddle, percussion, guitar and vocals. 

A Journey Home

After an extended period abroad, Clare is embracing her return and reveling in the change of the seasons.

“It feels so good to be ‘home home’ after so much travelling over the summer,” she says. “At the end of the day, it’s nice to embrace the change of the seasons. And I always think of that Seamus Heaney poem ‘Blackberry Picking’ at this time of year. It’s a special one.”

Tickets for Clare Sands at An Taibhdhearc on November 26th are available here:

Tickets to Clare Sands at An Taibhdhearc

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