December 1, 2023

Why We Love The Charcoal Grill in Galway:

Galway is a city bursting with different restaurants, cafés, and takeaways, celebrating a veritable feast of different cooking styles and cuisines.  In this regard, the appeal of freshly charcoal grilled food and the famous Turkish kebab is central to a city with such vibrant day and night life.  Ultimately, the Mediterranean inspired kebab has found its place in this eclectic city of the tribes at The Charcoal Grill. 

Variety and Taste:

Undeniably, there are all sorts of variations on the kebab.  From different types of meat and marinades, every establishment brings their own twist to the traditional Turkish meal. Additionally, they often come with an array of delicious crunchy salads, sauces, and sides. While regularly served sandwich style, there can be differences too regarding the types of bread used. For example, pita bread is the staple in many eateries. Others opt for flatbreads. Above all, the best known is perhaps the döner kebab.

Did You Know?

But did you know that uncertainty exists over who invented the much-loved dish?  Typically, the döner kebab is associated with 19th century Turkey, becoming more widespread in the 20th century. 

Berlin Origins?

However, there is a school of thought that lays the coveted title with a Turkish worker living in Berlin. Interestingly, a man named Kadir Nurman sold his first döner kebab in West Berlin in 1972. 

A Quick Lunchtime Bite:

Located across from Bahnhof Zoo, the then 32-year-old spotted a niche marketAs a result, he decided to introduce the döner kebab to busy workers looking for a quick lunch bite. Instead of the authentic meat skewers with rice and vegetables enjoyed by Turkish nobility, Nurman wrapped his ingredients in durum bread, making it easier to hold. Since then, even more enterprising Turkish chefs living in Germany claim the accolade.  Firstly, Nevzat Salim argues he developed the tasty modern-day version in 1969 in Reutlingen. Secondly, Berlin based Mehmet Aygün also says he crafted the first döner in 1971.

Galway’s Favourite – The Charcoal Grill

Fortunately, we don’t need to travel that far to enjoy a kebab Here in Galway, The Charcoal Grill deliver the best in traditional and Turkish inspired food to satisfy hungry diners. Centrally located right in the city centre on Prospect Hill beside Eyre Square (and on Mary Street and Cross Street), this popular eatery has pick up, delivery and sit in options for individuals and families alike. 

As well as the famous kebab, they dish up hearty burgers with a host of sides. Furthermore, there are vegetarian, vegan, and halal options to choose from. For casual dining at budget friendly prices, The Charcoal Grill is the place to go for the best of grilled cuisine. has teamed up as their the preferred delivery partner to bring you your choice of food from Galway’s famous Turkish kebab house right to your door. You can find their full menu here: 

Prospect Hill:

Mary Street: 

Cross Street:

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