December 8, 2023
Image of the outside of Kashmir Indian restaurant in Galway

Why we love Galway’s Kashmir Restaurant:

The appeal of the spicy, tangy, sweet, and sour flavours of Indian cuisine is undeniable. This is why we are always brought back the Galway tradition that is the Kashmir restaurant in the heart of the city centre. From succulent curries that set taste buds alight to creamy pasanda dishes, we have been drawn to this delectable fare for decades.

And yet, did you know the first Indian restaurant established in Ireland closed after less than a year? Originally, restaurateur Karim Khan opened the Indian Restaurant and Tea Rooms beside the famous Gresham Hotel in Dublin, in 1908. Unfortunately for the enterprising Khan, the unsuccessful venture didn’t appeal to the masses.  

Despite this setback, Khan’s idea and passion for the cuisine paved the way for Indian restaurants to become an intricate part of the Irish food landscape decades later.This

Part of Our Food Language:

The likes of spicy vindaloo, delectable madras and hot jalfrezi are part of our food language. As a result, we have become more discerning about the delicious array of options on offer.

In fact, the fascinating aspect of each Indian restaurant is that they have their own house style and particular specialties.

Understandably, this is because the continent is vast. In turn, every corner brings its own unique taste combinations.  This inspires chefs to craft their own recipes to entice and enthrall.

Serving Indian cuisine since 1994:

One such venue is the Kashmir restaurant, located at Lower Fairhill road, close to the Spanish Arch in Galway city.  Here, the team at Kashmir have been serving the people of the city and surrounds since 1994, with their delightful combination of Indian and Nepalese cuisine.

Image of Food at Galway's Kashmir Restaurant

Award Winning Cuisine:

And the results speak for themselves. Unsurprisingly, Kashmir restaurant has won accolades for their contribution to the food and hospitality sector. For instance, they scooped the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice award in 2021. Above all, Kashmir’s popularity over the years is testament to their dedication to serving top quality food using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  With vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten free options, you will be spoiled for choice with Kashmir.

Delivered to Your Door with

What’s For has teamed up with Kashmir – Galway’s longest serving Indian restaurant – as the preferred delivery partner to bring you the best of Indian and Nepalese food right to your door. While the very first Indian restaurant may not have lasted, Galway’s Kashmir eatery has stood the test of time.  Find out why it’s popularity continues to this day by visiting their premises at the gateway to Galway’s Latin Quarter or have your favourite dish sent out to your home to enjoy with Follow the link here: 

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