December 8, 2023
Blue Teapot Theatre Company

Community Power:

Two Galway businesses, Peter Curran Electric and Botown, have lit up the multi award winning Blue Teapot Theatre Company on Munster Avenue by providing new LED lighting under the Galway Westend Green Business Program. Fortunately, the idea was sparked Lisa Regan of the Galway Westend Traders Association after an assessment by James Hogan from The Clean Technology Centre of the Blue Teapot site identified the absolute need a lighting fixture upgrade. This community powered approach inspired Peter Curran to donate all materials while Botown owner, David Fitzpatrick, covered labour costs. Now, the initiative brings better visibility and reduced energy bills for the performing arts school at their city centre base. In addition, the Blue Teapot Theatre Company is also an outreach project for people with intellectual disabilities. 

Action in Motion:

“This is community in action at its best,” says Lisa Regan of Galway’s Westend. “After reviewing the assessment, we, as an area, just wanted to see if we could pull together to try and get this sorted. Proper lighting and reducing the environmental and billing output would be a massive help. And it has proved the case. Small steps do make a big difference. These two Galway local businesses have helped to make a big difference in the lives of everyone at Blue Teapot.”

Chiefly, the Galway Westend Green Business program, with Galway City Council, aims to lessen the environmental impact from industry.  In order to do this, the idea is to reduce food and water waste. In turn, electric and gas use are minimised .

The Difference it Makes:

“The difference it makes on site to the visibility for everyone in Blue Teapot is just incredible,” says Hillary Kavanagh of Blue Teapot. “And it has lowered the electricity bill.  As such, we are just over the moon. We are so grateful to Tommy, David and the westend community for this support.”

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