December 8, 2023
Shake Dog Diner

Chocolate with your Chips?

There’s a new twist on classic fries at Galway’s answer to the all American diner – Shake Dog Eyre Square. By adding chocolate sauce, you can indulge in this sweet and salty treat. Excitingly, it’s a delicious way to rediscover your love for the humble chip. For example, instead of traditional mayo or tomato sauce, why not add chocolate drizzled on top?  

And it’s not just milk chocolate.  As well as the traditional milk chocolate, Shake Dog offer milk and white chocolate with a hint of nutmeg. Where else can you experience two of our favourite foods combined. 

Discover why Shake Dog is fast becoming a popular haunt among locals and tourists alike. What’s more, the popular eatery is just two minutes walk from Eyre Square. In essence, it’s an all American diner with a Galway twist. 

And they are not afraid to bring new additions to the menu on top of the traditional fare. All in all, step into a retro world and enjoy everything from creamy milkshakes to a 2 for 1 breakfast offer for Scene in Galway print guide readers. 

Chocolate sauce fries at Shake Dog Galway

Popular Culture:

Undeniably, the classic American diner is part of popular culture.  Certainly, it brings with it the image of mouth-watering burgers, shakes and fries. 

In fact, American style diners are an important part of the restaurant experience worldwide. This is thanks to the familiarity of this tasty traditional food. Equally, the comfort of eating grilled American cuisine in a casual atmosphere stands the test of time.

But did you know the very first diner of its kind can be attributed to a man named Walter Scott in 1872?  Interestingly, this clever entrepreneur sold food from a horse drawn wagon to employees of the Providence Journal in Providence, Rhode Island.


Image of an all American Diner

The Historic Diner through the Ages:

With windows on each side, Scott’s diner is considered to be the first walk-up service. Fortunately for Scott, he has been given the historic title ever since. Over the coming decades, diners became a staple on the restaurant landscape. At first, many of the original US diners were crafted out of converted rail cars, giving them a streamlined structure that inspires to this day.  

The first Pop-Up:

By the 1920s to the 1940s, it was possible to buy a prefab diner – or lunch car – which could be set up on site.  Because of this initiative, they could pop up at cheaper locations keeping costs down. Typically, they were run as small businesses. Fortunately, the nostalgia of American diners is captured by art, film and TV.  Moreover, this view of the past ties in with the image of hope and the teenage dream

Perhaps the best-known painting of a diner is Edward Hopper’s iconic Nighthawks from 1942.  Here, lone diners are captured by the artist sitting at a window late at night. What is more is this cultural significance is recognisable around the globe. After all, this is thanks to the continuing popularity of a simple and tasty American menu.  

The All American Meal:

Galway’s Shake Dog Eyre Square, is located right in the city centre –  just opposite TK Maxx. Essentially, it is a great example of a typical American style diner and does not disappoint. 

Recently under new management, Shake Dog Eyre Square has a new menu. Not only does it include a delicious steak sandwich, but you can also chose from the Elvis peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. Additionally, fans of the all day breakfast will be delighted with their full Irish options. Alternatively, dig in to steak and cheese nachos or the peanut butter hot dog

Budget Friendly:

With full meals starting at just €10, Shake Dog Eyre Square is a budget friendly option.  And exclusively for lucky readers of Scene in Galway’s print guide, Shake Dog Eyre Square (opposite TK Maxx) are giving readers a complementary burger or milkshake absolutely free.  These offers change with every print guide, so keep an eye out each month to see what the latest giveaway is. 

Simply all you have to do to claim is to bring our Scene in Galway print brochure (which can be found – everywhere) into Shake Dog Eyre Square and present it to staff. Needless to say, they will do the rest. Simple. (Terms and Conditions apply). 

Shake Dog Eyre Square is proudly partnering with Galway’s original delivery service,

Together, they bring you an array of sumptuous food based on the best of old-style American charm right to your doorstep.

The all-American milkshake at Shake Dog-Eyre Square:

With a name like Shake Dog, the famous American milkshake gets the west of Ireland treatment using real Irish milk and ice-cream. What is more is  they have  20 different candy style milkshakes to choose from.  


With – you can have the taste of the classic American diner delivered fresh to your door –  thanks to Shake Dog  Eyre Square opposite TK Maxx. See the full delivery menu here: Full Delivery menu with



Milkshake at Shake Dog Eyre Square

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