December 2, 2023
David Newman pictured at the Galway Bay Coffee Company Warehouse Café in Ballybrit

A Love For Coffee:

David Newman of the Galway Bay Coffee Company is passionate about coffee.  So much so, his respect for the coffee bean has brought him around the globe.  Among the countries he visits are Ethiopia, Columbia, and Rwanda, uncovering the time, effort and attention to detail that goes into cultivating the world’s best blends.

Known for his work with the renowned brand Java Republic, David channels this knowledge and expertise into his latest venture. 

As a result, The Galway Bay Coffee Company now have their Warehouse Café at Oldenway Business Park, Ballybrit.  Furthermore, he shares his extensive experience with the next generation of coffee professionals through the Galway Bay Coffee Company Barista Training Academy. 

“I am passionately in love with the coffee scene,” he says, and his enthusiasm is compelling. 

“When I am bringing a product to the Irish market, I want to ensure the hard work and dedication of the producer is recognised.

“People in the coffee business should visit the source. This is in order to respect where the coffee bean comes from.  From my trips to the southern hemisphere, I could see the absolute love they bring to the cultivation of the coffee bean. It is such an eye opener.”

Coffee is Like Wine:

Like wine, coffee blends have different notes on the palate. For example, the house blend at the Galway Bay Coffee Company is 70% Brazilian and 30% Indonesian, with notes of stone fruit, plum, almond with a chocolate finish. As such, many factors influence the taste. From the freshness and management of the coffee bean to the water filtration temperature.

“I always say to my students that what I like is not necessarily what they will like,” David says.

 “Coffee is like the wine business. It takes time to understand different people’s palates.  You might not pick up on the flavours at first. But you can learn to distinguish the different taste profiles.

The Science of Coffee:

For David, the true coffee experience lies in the hands of the trained barista. In essence, the science of coffee includes not only an understanding of the growth and supply of the bean. It also involves the workings of the machinery, the roaster, and the grinder. 

“It is in the hands of the barista,” he says, “and from start to finish the machinery has to be top notch. 

Since he began in the industry, the number of coffee roasteries in Ireland has increased exponentially – from four to over four hundred. In line with this, David has always used the first carbon neutral roastery in the world based in Dublin.

Galway Bay Coffee Company image of a coffee machine

World Class:

“We use world class grinders at the Galway Bay Coffee Company and the championship level Nuova Simonelli machines.  It is this attention to detail that brings customers back to us time and time again. People come from far and wide to our Warehouse Café at the Oldenway Business Park. I strive to make it an experience for everyone who walks in the door.”

And it’s working. David’s personal touch and zeal for the coffee industry has secured five-star reviews on Google.  He enjoys handing down his knowledge through the Galway Bay Coffee Company’s Barista Training Academy.  

There are three modules, barista basic, intermediate and professional. Through this course, trainees can learn about understanding the coffee bean, work-space management, grinding, dosing and tamping, extraction and brewing, milk techniques, barista menu, hygiene, health and safety and cleaning and maintenance.

A Family Affair:

The Galway Bay Coffee Company has always been a family affair.  Born in Dublin, David “fell in love with a Galway girl” and has been together with Phil for 38 years.  Daughter, Tara, has followed in his footstep, establishing the Beachfront Barista at the front of the Galway Bay Hotel.  

For David, she is “one of the best baristas in town and has business acumen beyond her years.”  Son Keith was heavily involved in the business when they were distributing the Java Republic brand. A champion barista, he has moved into the legal field, while daughter Danielle has been in Australia for the last three years.

Giving Back:

While his love for coffee and desire to forge the relationship between producer and supplier fuelled his travels, David’s globetrotting brought him down a philanthropic path to bring water to villages in Ethiopia.  It was a moment which brought him to tears. 

“We were at a small village in Ethiopia and we always wanted to give back. We asked the elders should we rebuild their school and they turned us down.  They wanted water.  When I came home, and with the support of my business colleagues, we raised enough to make this a reality.  I cried when we turned the water on in a few villages. It was very emotional.

Image of David Newman with his coffee cart at the Galway Bay Coffee Company

From Cart to Café:

Retirement is not on the cards for David.  Following a trip around Europe with his wife Phil, he looked within to see what he wanted to do next.  

The idea of barista training in Galway was at the forefront and the academy was born.  

David was synonymous for his coffee cart at the Black Box Theatre. But once the pandemic hit, he decided to pivot away from that business model and concentrate instead on the Galway Bay Coffee Company Warehouse Café. 

With a 7:30am start, David says he “loves everyday I get up to work here in Ballybrit”.  

For David, the truth is undeniable “coffee will be my passion until I die.”

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