December 8, 2023
The BodyShape and Platinum Tanning Studion in Knocknacarra

A New Tanning Experience:

The Platinum Tanning Studio beside Capones in Knocknacarra offers a new tanning experience. It is ideally located beside Capones. This state-of-the-art studio has combined the benefits of red light therapy and UV rays to offer skin care and tanning solutions at the same time.  In essence, red light therapy is designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  In turn, this boosts the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Red light tubes help to replace the natural collagen lost by replenishing skin elasticity, which helps combat the signs of ageing.

Professional and Experienced:

With the option of stand-up and lie down beds, the Platinum Tanning Studio has professionally trained staff to assist you. In this regard, they provide a free skin control test.  This is to ensure your tanning experience is conducted with safety and professionalism. In addition, an assistant provides the best safety advice. From the differences in sunbeds to a full explanation controls.

With double and triple bronzing bulbs, the tanning studio also has an array of Australian Gold and Onyx lotions to choose from.  The sunbeds are maintained to the highest hygiene standards to ensure clients (who must be over 18) receive the best results from their session.

Tanning bed at the Platinum Tanning Studions

BodyShape Studio:

Not only that, but they also offer the BodyShape Studio to cater for your fitness needs. And they have a nail bar and tattoo salon. It’s all in the heart of Knockncarra.  With all of these body care benefits available under one roof; it is no wonder that the Platinum Tanning Studio is fast becoming a popular destination in Galway for body and skin care rejuvenation.

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