December 8, 2023
BodyShape Studio in Knocknacarra Galway

Deep Vacuum Pressure:

A new fitness studio has opened in the heart of Knocknacarra, Galway combining the benefits of deep pressure vacuum technology to increase exercise intensity with skin rejuvenating therapies. Located at Unit 5, Kingston Hall, Knocknacarra, the Platinum Tanning and Bodyshape Studio uses innovative technology in a relaxing environment to revitalise your body and soul.

The BodyShape workout is a unique fitness and wellbeing experience – bringing together the BodyShape Treadmill, InfraShape Horizontal bike and the RollShape roller – all of which have taken the USA by storm. As a result, the Beverly Hills inspired wellbeing and fitness lifestyle has been brought to Kingston Hall – right beside Capones.

Skin and Fitness Experience:

The concept behind the BodyShape studio is to provide a blend of cardiovascular exercise, muscle toning and skin smoothing benefits. It is an in-house skin renewal and fitness experience in one. As such, it brings together the well-known benefits of advanced vacuum compression and infrared technology.

What is unique about this training system is the inclusion of collagen lamps inside the treadmill. In this regard, these collagen lamps are developed to smooth skin, reduce redness pigmentation, and reduce the appearance of cellulite after ten sessions. Not only that, BodyShape skirts wrap around both the treadmill and the bike. In turn, this creates a vacuum to firm, tone, and detox.

The advantage of the InfraShape Horizontal bike is that its very design provides less stress on joints and spine. In light of this, this luxury recumbent bike capsule ensures that you can sit down and peddle away in comfort. All the while using vacuum compression to increase your workout intensity.


The addition of LED light therapy, aroma and ozone therapy and collagen lamps ensures that the Platinum Tanning and BodyShape studio leads the way to a more holistic fitness experience. This new method of blending cardio training and overall body wellbeing ensures a sense of accomplishment, stress relief and relaxation. Essentially, you can tone muscles and increase heart rate while also promoting skin renewal.  Ultimately, it is a fresh look at fitness.

Afterwards, use the RollShape roller to stretch and smooth ligaments and muscles. This lymphatic massage roller will help to prevent injury, improve circulation, reduce soreness, and improve the appearance of cellulite.  Use the RollShape to massage 15 different parts of your body for three minutes on each area.

RollShape roller at the BodyShape Studio in Knocknacarra

Indulge in spa like luxury and revitalisation while increasing fitness and toning with the new Platinum Tanning and BodyShape Studio in Knocknacarra. And it is a cost-effective way to kickstart your new fitness and toning regime.

For more information phone 091-520002.