December 8, 2023

Cross the Bridge to Monroe’s Tavern in Galway’s Westend:

Located across the bridge from the Claddagh and in the heart of Galway’s Westend, Monroe’s Tavern is steeped in history and has kept it’s roots firmly in the Irish music scene. It is here that a warm welcome lies behind the black and white façade, which has brought live music to the city of Galway, seven days a week, since 1964.

A Traditional Irish Pub:

Downstairs at Monroe’s Tavern there is a more traditional feel. Open the doors to the warmth of this Irish pub. Once you walk in, enjoy the range of delicious food from their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Here you can savour the fresh in-season produce wrapped in the cosy setting of an Irish bar. Whether it’s authentic bacon and cabbage, delicious fish and chips or the special of the day, this is the perfect setting for casual dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Why not pop in for that cup of coffee and dessert of the day. Firstly, you can satisfy your tastebuds with their delicious locally sourced fare. Secondly, stay for the rhythm of the evening with the best seat in the house.

 A Different Beat Seven Nights A Week:

Every evening, Monroe’s Tavern comes alive to the sound of music and song. From folk to latin, popular to trad, this is the place where top artists play night after night. For instance, you might just catch the world renowned Sharon Shannon in the midst of a session with fellow musicians playing the classic Galway Girl.

Monroes Tavern Live Music_SceneinGalway.jpg

Monroe’s New Manhattan Bar to Monroe’s Tavern:

The proud family tradition at Monroe’s Tavern has stood the test of time.  Historically, the tales told and yarns spun are hidden amidst the corners and snugs at this incredible venue.  Originally the ‘New Manhattan Bar’, Monroe’s Tavern is part of the fabric of the city.  Ultimately inspired by their New York lifestyle, John and Margaret Monroe introduced Galway to the first bar with table service. In line with this, they brought in a ‘Ladies Lounge’ and a ‘Singing Lounge to the city’. 

New Name, Same Ethos:

Subsequently, the venue was renamed Monroe’s Tavern in 1979. Moreover, it remains a family owned business. As a result of being firmly rooted in the live music scene, they hosted the famous showbands of the 60s and 70s. Furthermore, this commitment to Irish musicians continues to this day. This is why Monroe’s Tavern makes it’s mark on the entertainment scene.

A Local Favourite:

Ultimately, Monroe’s Tavern is renowned for friendly staff, great food and music to set your heart alight. In light of this, you can find it all under one roof. Not only that, but it’s located in Galway’s vibrant and eclectic Westend. It is no wonder Monroe’s Tavern is a favourite for locals and tourist alike. All in all, it is a place not to be missed.

14 Dominick Street Upper, Galway. For info on all upcoming gigs and events check out or call 091 583 397